Activities in Grand Teton National Park

Wild and scenic rafting on the Snake River, horseback riding, and kayaking on Jackson Lake are just a few of the activities that are waiting for you in Grand Teton National Park. Leave the car behind for mountain views, wildlife viewing, and memories that can't be experienced any other way than on our outdoor excursions.

Best of all, there is literally something for everyone—from the most extreme outdoor sports to leisure activities such as wildlife viewing or simply soaking in the surrounding natural beauty. One of the most popular Jackson Hole activities is simply grabbing a backpack full of water and snacks and then heading out on one of the many trails in Grand Teton National Park.

Our knowledgeable and onsite Reservations Team can assist you with selecting and booking the perfect activity. Some do sell out regularly, and we recommend booking in advance. Call 307-543-3100.

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